The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)


Since 2005, the LAGO collaboration meets in yearly workshops, usually in a newly added country to help in the installation and operation of a first detector.

1st Workshop
Bariloche, Argentina, November 2005

The first LAGO WCD - Nahuelito - was built and calibrated and the LAGO collaboration formed.

2nd Workshop
La Paz, Bolivia, March 2006

The highest LAGO site was visited and a prototipe WCD installed at the La Paz University.

3rd Workshop
Puebla, Mexico, September 2006

The first high altitude WCD of LAGO was installed at the Sierra Negra site.

4th Workshop
Mérida, Venezuela, July 2008

Venezuela was added to the LAGO Collaboration, a WCD was installed at the Merida University and the Pico Espejo cable-car station was visited.

5th Workshop
La Paz, Bolivia, April 2009

3 WCD were installed at the Chacaltaya Cosmic Ray Observatory at 5300m asl.

6th Workshop
Lima, Peru, August 2010

Peru entered the LAGO Collaboration, and a WCD was installed at Maracapomaocha at 4300m asl.

1st electronics and data analysis workshop
La Paz, Bolivia, December 2010

The design for the new LAGO specific electronics was decided based on different proposals from Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico.

7th Workshop
Guatemala City, Guatemala, June 2011

Guatemala joined the LAGO Collaboration and a WCD was installed at the Guatemala City University.

8th Workshop
Riobamba, Ecuador, July 2012

Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)